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DATE 12-20-08


Carmelo Torres - special guest
The Bobby Torres Ensemble
Jimmy Maks
221 N.W. 10th (close to the corner of NW 10th and Everett in the Pearl District).
Grammy winner Luis Conte will also be joining the Bobby Torres Ensemble for the evening.


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Carmelo is on tour with Los Lonely Boys Click here to view tour schedule.

Carmelo Torres is a conguero, percussionist, session musician, producer and song writer working and recording in Austin Texas and Los Angeles California.

You can e-mail Carmelo by selecting this link . In the coming weeks, more information will be posted on this site along with music samples. In the meantime, please click on the photo link above to view his photo collection.

Carmelo is currently on tour with Los Lonely BoysClick here to view tour schedule.

Previously Carmelo performed with DEL CASTILLO in Austin Texas. Here is an excerpt from their web site: Born in Los Angeles to well-known percussionist Bobby Torres and acclaimed dancer/choreographer Julane Stites, Carmelo began playing different instruments and dancing at age 6. Growing up in a musical family afforded him the opportunity to become, as he describes it, a multi-instrumentalist. He eventually moved to Portland, Oregon, and began developing different skills in music and dance. In the late '90's, Carmelo relocated to Austin and started honing his skills as a drummer and percussionist, as well as a songwriter. He performed and recorded with various popular Austin bands before officially joining Del Castillo in late 2006.